LivingEDGE Church Ministries

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We are committed to the teaching and preaching of God’s Word. We believe that as we assemble weekly for the study of God’s Word we will be thoroughly equipped to do His good works. We also believe that through the preaching of the Gospel we will inspire people to make an eternal dedication to the hope and salvation offered through Jesus Christ.

Children hold a special place in the heart of Jesus, for that we take the ministry and safety of your children very seriously. We offer an inviting secure environment, with age-appropriate, Jesus-centered ministry to children of all ages. We look to inspire your children/youth to know God, love Jesus, and to serve Him in their young lives. Please feel free to contact us anytime for information regarding safety procedures or teaching curriculum. For more information about our youth ministry please visit their website at

We encourage the entire family to join together during our time of worship. We spend this portion of our service worshipping the Lord through music and singing. Our songs are vertical with Christ-honoring lyrics that offer life and hope. We endeavor to worship in Spirit and Truth, creating an atmosphere of open hearts where God will meet the whole family with the move and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Our desire is to see every Christian connected in real, authentic, Christ-centered relationships with other believers. Home Fellowships are an excellent place to meet others and build this kind of relationship. They also offer a more intimate environment for prayer support and questions for those who may be new in their faith. We have several Home Fellowship Groups to choose from with different study topics. Each group typically meets twice a month. Please contact us if you are interested in joining one.